Can I Afford a Condo? How Much Do Condos Cost – Guide

Figuring out condo prices, condo costs, and condo affordability in Singapore is overwhelming for many. In Q4 2023, the average price for a new 2-bedroom condo was high. It was $4,080,000 in the Core Central Region (CCR), $2,570,000 in the Rest of Central Region (RCR), and $2,150,000 in the Outside Central Region (OCR). Generally, the median price of condos is about $1,750,000. Prices went up by 2.8% in Q4 2023.

When you buy a condo, you need to think carefully. You should think about the downpayment, loan amount, monthly mortgage repayments, and the total debt servicing ratio (TDSR). This guide will dive into these factors. It will help you grasp the condo affordability and the related condo costs in Singapore.

Key Takeaways

  • The average price of a new 2-bedroom condo in Singapore ranges from $2,150,000 to $4,080,000, depending on the location.
  • Buying a condo calls for considering downpayment, loan amount, monthly mortgage repayments, and total debt servicing ratio.
  • It’s essential to get a good understanding of condo affordability and condo costs to make a smart choice.
  • This guide will give you in-depth insights to smoothly sail through the condo budgeting and condo financing journey.
  • Important points include condo mortgages, condo down payments, homeowner association fees, and condo maintenance costs.

Understanding the Property Market Dynamics

In Singapore, the property market is always changing. Government rules, how the economy is doing, and global events impact the prices. gives insights and property listings to help buyers make smart choices. By keeping up with news and trends, buyers can pick the best time to buy.

Factors Influencing Property Prices

Before buying a condo, it’s critical to know what’s happening in the market. Being aware helps buyers grasp what affects property prices. offers helpful info, including analyses and listings. It guides buyers through the process.

Importance of Staying Updated is a great source for keeping up with the property market. It provides detailed analyses, listings, and the latest trends and rules. These tools help buyers make better decisions and catch good market opportunities.

Resources for Market Analysis is packed with info to keep buyers informed about the property market in Singapore. You can find detailed analyses, property listings, and updates on trends and rules. Using these resources, buyers can make smarter choices and find the best time to buy.

Eligibility vs. Affordability

Being able to get a home loan doesn’t mean you can afford a house. Some experts say your mortgage, plus interest, shouldn’t be more than 30% of your monthly pay. This fits the rule for loans on HDB flats and new ECs.

Mortgage Servicing Ratio Guidelines

People may disagree on the perfect mortgage-to-income ratio. But, it’s vital to choose a house you can actually afford. This choice stops you from giving up too much or facing tough cash shortages.

Importance of Financial Sustainability

Following the right Mortgage Servicing Ratio makes sure your condo buy is safe for your finances. This keeps you away from money troubles. It lets you enjoy being a homeowner without stress.

Income Requirements for Condo Ownership

To figure out how much you need to earn for a condo in Singapore, did some math. They assumed the buyer is a citizen with no other homes, pays a 25% initial payment, and uses a 30-year loan. They also assumed a 4% interest rate.

New Condo Price Estimates

With those details, here’s how much you’d need to earn monthly for a 2-bedroom new condo. In the CCR area, it’s $40,977. In RCR, you’d need $30,143. For the OCR, it’s $21,880. These numbers are the average for 2-bedroom condos in each area.

Resale Condo Price Estimates

If you’re looking at resale condos, the figures change. For a 2-bedroom in CCR, you’d need $34,903 monthly. In RCR, you’d need $22,307. And for OCR, it’s $17,567 monthly. These estimates use the average prices for 2-bedroom resales.

Can I Afford a Condo? How Much Do Condos Cost

Median Income in Singapore

In 2023, the median monthly income for a full-time worker in Singapore was $5,197. This is an increase of 2.5% from the previous year.

Dual-Income Considerations

If both partners in a couple work full-time, their joint income makes buying a condo easier. They can consider condos in the OCR and RCR areas. These might fit their budget, especially after a few years of saving.

Tips for First-Time Buyers

Buying your first condo is a mix of excitement and nerves. To make it a success, remember these crucial tips.

Defining Your Budget

It’s key to set a clear budget. Think about more than just the price of the condo. Remember to factor in taxes, legal fees, and upkeep costs. Being pre-approved for a mortgage can show what you can really afford.

Extensive Research

Doing your homework on the property market is a must. Learn about trends, new developments, and values in various areas. Seeing lots of properties lets you figure out what meets your needs and budget best.

Understanding Your Needs

Make a list of must-haves, like location and nearby schools or work. Don’t forget public transport, safety, and future resale value. It’s also wise to think about how the property will fit your needs in the next 5-10 years.

Considering Resale Value

First-time buyers should think about the property’s future worth. Choosing a place in an area where prices are likely to go up is smart. This way, you’re not just buying a home; you’re investing too.

Legal and Financial Assistance

Having a skilled real estate agent and lawyer is crucial. They help navigate all the legal steps and check you fully understand everything. Besides, a financial advisor can shed light on the long-term costs. This ensures your buy fits your financial plans.

Property Inspection

Don’t forgo the inspection. A professional can spot hidden troubles, like structural issues. Fixing these later can cost a lot.

Negotiation Strategies

Negotiating on the price is to be expected. Sellers often leave room for that. Doing your research on similar properties makes your offer stronger. And always understand the sales agreement, getting legal advice if needed.

Financing Options for Condo Purchase

Securing a bank loan is crucial when buying a condo in Singapore because HDB loans and grants don’t apply. Bank home loans can cover up to 75% of the property’s cost. Buyers need to provide the remaining 25% as a downpayment. This downpayment requires at least 5% in cash. The rest, up to 20%, can come from either cash or CPF contributions.

Bank Loan Requirements

It’s key to meet a lender’s needs for a condo loan. This usually means having good credit, a steady job, and enough income for the mortgage. These aspects are all crucial.

Downpayment and Stamp Duties

Buyers must also pay the Buyer’s Stamp Duty (BSD) when purchasing a condo. This cost is based on the property’s value and is separate from the loan. It impacts the overall budget for buying the condo.

Interest Rates and Loan Tenure

Interest rates for bank home loans in Singapore vary from 3.25% to 4.7% per year. They tend to go up significantly after the fourth year. Buyers need to think about how these rates may change over up to 30 years.

The Importance of Financial Planning

Financial planning is key for big investments like property. It’s not just about what you can afford now. It’s about making a plan that covers future costs and changes in your income.

Creating a Comprehensive Plan

Use tools like the one on to see what you can afford. But, a full financial plan ensures you’re set for the future. This may include working with a financial advisor or using online tools to map out your property journey.

Considering Future Expenses

Getting advice from a financial advisor is crucial for a solid plan. They help tie your condo buy to your long-term financial health. This professional insight is key for making smart investment choices and staying financially sound.


Buying a condo in Singapore involves a big financial step. You need to look at different things like market changes, if you’re eligible, if you can pay for it, and your budget in the future. Knowing how much money you need to earn, the downpayment, and the costs later on can help you choose wisely. This keeps your buy in line with your financial plans for the future.

This guide has shared many details to help new buyers feel more sure. It talks about what’s happening in the market, who can buy, and how to plan your money well. Readers now have the right know-how to get a condo in Singapore boldly and smartly.

Deciding to buy a condo is very personal, and you must check your own money situation, what you want in the future, and if you’re ok with risks. By using the tips in this guide, buyers can start their condo journey wisely. This makes sure their buy fits their future money life and dreams.


What factors influence condo prices in Singapore?

Prices of condos in Singapore depend on various factors. These include government rules, economic changes, and global happenings. is a good place to look up info, market trends, and condo listings.

Why is it important to stay updated on the latest market news and trends?

Knowing the latest about the market helps buyers. It lets them understand what affects condo prices. Websites like offer insights and help you find condos.

What is the difference between eligibility and affordability when it comes to buying a condo?

Being eligible for a loan isn’t the same as being able to afford a condo. Financial experts say your monthly mortgage cost should be no more than 30% of your income. This is true for HDB flats and new ECs as well.

How much income do I need to afford a condo in different market segments?

To afford a 2-bedroom condo, you’d need a certain income each month. In the CCR area, it’s around $40,977. For the RCR, about $30,143. In the OCR, around $21,880. For resale condos, you’d need less. In the CCR, about $34,903. In the RCR, about $22,307. In the OCR, around $17,567.

What is the median gross monthly income of full-time employed residents in Singapore?

In 2023, the median monthly income for full-time workers in Singapore was $5,197. This includes CPF contributions from employers. It’s a 2.5% rise from the year before, says the Ministry of Manpower.

What are some tips for first-time condo buyers?

First-time buyers should start by setting a budget. Do a lot of research about the market. Know what you need. Think about the condo’s resale value. Get help from legal and financial advisors. Inspect the property. Negotiate the price.

What are the key financial considerations when buying a condo?

When buying a condo, think about the downpayment and the Buyer’s Stamp Duty. Consider the home loan’s terms, like rates and how long you’ll pay. It’s smart to plan your finances well. Factor in future costs and possible income changes.

Why is it important to consult a financial advisor when buying a condo?

A financial advisor can help you make a solid financial plan. This plan should suit your long-term goals and make sure buying the condo is good for your wallet. Their advice can ease the property buying process and keep your finances in good shape.